Leslie Dendys:  Director/Owner

 Hello, my name is Leslie Dendys.

I delight in children. They always lighten the day and bring sunshine to my life! I greatly appreciate the many relationships I’ve enjoyed over the years, with staff members, parents and children in our care.

I have spent forty rewarding years working with children. I raised five of my own, taught school for ten years and have owned and operated the Fun Farm for the past sixteen years.

I strongly believe in the benefits of outdoor activity for children. I love hiking, kayaking, beachcombing, and just being outside! I do my best to provide a myriad of healthy outdoor activities in our programming, and in the the ongoing physical development of our acreage.

We seek to foster happiness, health and a love of nature in our children at the Fun Farm!

  • Karen Burns: Early Childhood Educator

    Hello, my name is Karen Burns.

    I am very grateful to be a part of your child’s journey as they grow and develop during these early years of their lives.

    I graduated from the ECE Program at Ridge Meadows College in 2017, but I have experience working with children ages 3-5 in childcare centres since 2011. I also worked in The Mother Goose Program and did some childminding in Cythera programs.

    My passion for this age group comes from my experience with my own children. They are so inquisitive, imaginative, and free spirited at this age.

    I am looking forward to building relationships with your children and you during these most important, valuable years of development.

  • Linda Penner: Early Childhood Educator

    Hello, my name is Linda Penner.

    I have always surrounded myself with children because they bring so much enthusiasm and joy into my life.
    Every day is filled with excitement and I enjoy providing opportunities for the children to explore,
    create, play, discover and learn new things. Their curiosity, wonder and creativity inspire me.

    I also feel privileged to be a part of a community where I see the children building a connection and
    friendship with one another and their teachers.

    I have thirty years of experience working with children. I cared for children In my home for fifteen
    years and worked in various childcare centers as an Infant/Toddler Assistant, and as a
    preschool/childcare educator for fifteen years.

    I also love spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren. I enjoy playing games, baking,
    bowling, going to the park, or doing art activities with them. Volunteering at my church is another part
    of my life.

  • Leanne Svendsen: Early Childhood Assistant

    Hello, my name is Leanne Svendsen.