Nature Daycare Program (30 months to 5 years)

Directly behind the daycare facility are walking trails to the Fun Farm field and forest, where children experience outdoor exploration daily. In this delightful environment, teachers encourage children to challenge their limits safely. The teaching of cautious risk-taking fosters confidence and independence in our nature lovers.

The preschool-enriched program meets all children’s educational needs. “Circle Time” will lend a structured start to each day as each child is taught to engage respectfully in: listening, discussion and learning. Educational centres and activities will be a regular part of each child’s day. Kindergarten readiness teaching is prioritised for children who will be entering school.

ECE (Early Childhood Education) certified teachers manage and staff the daycare. All caregivers have first aid

Nature Preschool Program (licensed)

Preschool means fun and learning! A priority is placed on providing outdoor time, regardless of the weather, during the preschool day. Throughout our semi-structured day, we incorporate lots of outdoor exploration and discovery. Open-ended preschool activities and “Daily Circle” learning sessions are enjoyed by all children.

Rich learning experiences, designed to satisfy curious minds, are thoughtfully woven throughout the curriculum; and, as in the daycare program, kindergarten readiness teaching is prioritised for children who will be entering school.

Wee Fun Farm Preschool Program is in operation the same days as the local school district. When the schools are closed the preschool program is not in operation.

School Age Program (5 to 12 years)

School kids have adopted the nature program, too! We enjoy fort-making, forest games, and outdoor forest exploration most days. Weekly outings to local parks or the gym, add variety. Educational fun such as: arts and crafts, storytelling, science centre, cooking and dramatic play are provided for all.

We organise field trips for non-school days whenever possible, and summer days are loaded with
exciting outings and adventures!

Summer Daycamp

Summers at the Fun Farm are a highlight of the year! Our field trip schedule has been refined to provide a summer full of safe, exciting experiences for all children.

We launch out three days each week on our outings. On alternate days children engage in arts and crafts, baking, outdoor/forest exploration and water play.

Please send a hearty lunch and snack on field trip days so that we will be ready to GO! Snack will be provided on our stay-at-home days.