rideDaycare Program (30 months to 5 years)

The “Wee” Fun Farm offers a licensed, preschool enriched daycare program. ECE (Early Childhood Education) certified teachers manage and staff the daycare. All caregivers have first aid certification.

Gentle fun in a healthy, natural environment characterizes our daycare program. Opportunities to grow and learn are introduced to children within our enriched daycare curriculum. “Circle Time” will lend a structured start to each day. Each child will be taught polite listening skills and will enjoy a time of discussion and learning. Educational centres and activities will be a regular part of each child’s day.



parkSchool Age Program (5 to 12 years)

An exciting daily program of “kid-tested” activities will benefit each child physically and intellectually. Team sports, energetic outdoor games, and a variety of fitness choices will be organized daily in the large recreation area. Educational fun such as: arts and crafts, storytelling, science centre, cooking and dramatic play will be presented to all.


Summer Daycamp


White Rock


Summers at the Fun Farm are a highlight of the year! Our field trip schedule has been refined to provide a summer full of safe, exciting experiences for all children.

Please send a hearty lunch and snack on field trip days so that we will be ready to GO! Snack will be provided on our stay-at-home days.